Monday, July 6, 2009

We'll Get to the Drama Later

I'm not gonna lie. I have a pretty juicy story, followed by some advice. However, posting time is scarce at the moment, so I'd like to clue you in on something.

My best friend in the entire world, a lovely Filipino girl who writes, eat cupcakes, and drinks bubble tea for a living, has her own site at

At the current time she's hosting a giveaway called "Dreamgirl: The Giveaway"

First of all, everybody go there. Read her articles. They're amazing.

But ladies, visit the site and comment on that post with a) the things you have never liked about yourself and b) all the things you've ever LOVED about yourself. The fabulous prizes include a neck wrap, a puffy skirt, and a shredded tee, made by Syden Therese herself!

Though I can't really use any of these prizes, I did make a list of all my flaws and good points for my own personal reflection.

MAJOR self-esteem boost.

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