Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kids in the Concrete Operational State are Crackheads, or A Study in Why College Students Should Never Attempt to Revisit Childhood

Holy raining crapballs, do I have a story for you. It's not college drama, per se, but it's drama that I understand due to my college education so far.

So, I decided today that it would be a fun idea to relive being a kid again and play a video game with my cousins Y and N and their friend A. Y is 12, N is 10, A is 6... I am 19. We decided on Mario Party 7. It's a video game based on competition. During the game, A had a stroke of good luck and won a few minigames in a row, prompting N to cry out, "The game is rigged! He's always winning!" I attempted to tell him, "It's impossible to rig a video game. It's a computer based on random sequences and chance." (Look at me being all smart and shit.) He didn't like my opinion. He punched my brother Y in the ear and threw his game controller at me. I went outside for a cigarette and decided that I should probably stay within my own age group for social interactions.

Now, N is 10, as I said. He is currently in Piaget's Concrete Operational State of Learning. During this stage, children go under an internal battle known as "industry vs. inferiority." As children's intelligence grows, they begin to feel either as winners or losers based on whther they can successfully complete certain tasks. And when they feel like losers, they have mood swings of either anger or sadness. Today's menu called for anger apparently.

Oh, by the way? About 10 minutes after this, N was perfectly fine and all the other kids just thought it was normal.

Um... WTF?!

Yeah. On the bright side, baby Lorenzo is visiting again! I think I'll just stay with him and witness his innocent demands in his own little baby sign language that translate to "Feed me," "Burp me," or, "Change me, I might have soiled myself." Plus, I made him a song.

Gosh, I'm going to be teaching kids N's age someday... help?

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